About IME


The Indian Music Experience (IME) is India’s only interactive music museum. The IME is an initiative of the non-profit Indian Music Experience Trust, supported by the Brigade Group. The vision of the museum is to increase the understanding and appreciation of the diversity of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary through exhibits, performances and learning activities.

  • First-of-its-kind museum with 50,000 sq.ft of interactive exhibits, both permanent and temporary, spread across three floors
  • 10 exhibits that explore various facets of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary
  • Spaces for performance include the performance theatre, the terrace amphitheatre and a seminar hall

The Collaboration with Foley Designs

The IME collaborated with Foley Designs to create a customized line of souvenirs for the museum store. This is the first time a design studio has partnered to conceptualize, create, curate and bring to life museum merchandise in India. Foley Designs has partnered with the museum to create its vibrant visual identity, the donor's contribution installations, the cafe and a one of its kind Sound Garden.

The Sound Garden comprises of a series of beautifully crafted interactive sound installations, creating moments of spontaneous engagement with museum visitors.

The Store at the IME Museum

The Store is strategically designed as a culmination of the museum experience, where visitors can take back a fragment of their awe inspiring experience as a souvenir. The prevailing extraordinary circumstances that we live in, has prompted us to create an online store, making our museum merchandise accessible to everyone. The on-line store showcases merchandise appealing to music lovers and enthusiasts of all ages.

The Product Mix

The IME Store caters to all ages, with a special focus on collectibles, souvenirs and children's products. The product mix includes smaller purchases, like notebooks, pencil boxes, mugs, fridge magnets, pins, bookmarks and toys. It also has larger items like t-shirts, and home furnishings including cushion covers and curios.

The Design Story

The products in the store were conceived keeping in mind the informative galleries of the Indian Music Experience. Inspired by the overarching design language of the museum, Foley Designs developed the product lines of TAAL, DHVANI, BHAAVA and GAMAKA to bring forth different interpretations of Indian classical music through our Home, Lifestyle, Collectible and Stationery products. 

Shopping made easy!

We are now offering our entire collection of products through our online store in order to bring exclusive Indian Music Experience merchandise to your fingertips. Add your favourite products from The Store @ IME and start shopping now.